Make better decisions. Maximize performance.

Bractlet Simulation™ utilizes the industry’s most predictive modeling technology to allow you to make better investment decisions, quickly address performance issues, and verify investment returns.


Confirm your building’s performance.

Normalized performance baselines that ensure your buildings and investments are performing as expected and highlight when action is needed


Analyze projects with highly predictive forecasts

In depth analysis of uncovered and already contemplated projects that include fast payback optimizations of existing systems and capital intensive building upgrades, ensuring you have accurate data to make the most informed decisions.


Make better decisions, move forward with conviction

Intuitive tools to select and timeline projects that align decisions with your investment strategy and foster better team communication.


Streamline project implementations. Achieve better results.

Compress timelines and achieve better outcomes via project specifications tailored to each building’s unique attributes and performance requirements, bid reviews of scope and pricing against national database, and performance confirmation at commissioning.

Customer Opinions.


Bractlet has helped enable a more sustainable portfolio of buildings while generating strong returns for investors.

Tom Paterson

COO Lionstone Investments

"Our partnership with Bractlet has allowed us to provide a better experience for our tenants while reducing energy consumption and operating expenses throughout our portfolio. This enables a more sustainable portfolio of buildings while generating strong returns for our investors."

Tom Paterson

COO Lionstone Investments

Bractlet is charting the course for where the industry needs to be heading.

Gabe Finke

CEO Ascentris

"Bractlet's software provides a comprehensive suite of analytical tools that enable better decision-making for improving the performance of our buildings over the long-term. Bractlet is charting the course for where the industry needs to be heading."

Gabe Finke

CEO Ascentris

How it's Different.

Simulations: the definitive analysis tool

Simulation models are the most accurate way to analyze a building’s performance. Bractlet’s proprietary software allows for the rapid creation of dynamic simulation models that are calibrated to precision with real time performance data.

Performance baselines

Accounting for the impact of occupancy fluctuations, buildout changes and weather has historically hindered infrastructure investments to improve building performance and increase energy efficiency. Bractlet’s simulation technology and baseline tools make tracking these changes easy and ensure buildings continue to operate as expected.

Performance verification

Having an accurate model allows you to always know how your building “should be” performing. When upgrades are made, performance can be confirmed initially at commissioning and then over time to ensure you get the forecasted return on your investments.