Keep your buildings performing.

Your building’s performance is complex. Bractlet Analytics™ makes sense of all the essential data and diagnoses issues as they arise, so you can run comfortable, efficient buildings.


Monitor the most critical performance indicators

Operations dashboard customized for your building that allows you to view your building’s most critical performance metrics at a glance.


Track and prioritize performance issues

Notification dashboard that highlights when issues are occurring, their impact, and which equipment is causing problems, helping you to take action quickly.


Catch issues before they turn into failures

Suite of customizable notifications that ensure your buildings are operating correctly; includes comfort, equipment scheduling and setpoints, system health, and energy consumption deviations.

Data Visualizations

Understand your buildings better than ever before

Advanced analysis tools allow you to better understand both building and individual equipment performance to allow you to make necessary system adjustments.

Customer Opinions.


Bractlet increases transparency into buildings' operations and opportunities for upgrading performance.

Senior Investment Manager

Pension Fund

Bractlet’s platform has dramatically increased the transparency into both our buildings' operations and opportunities for upgrading their performance.

Senior Investment Manager

Pension Fund

How it's Different.

Fast integrations

Bractlet’s data collection platform has a robust suite of tools that allow for quick integrations with all types of building automation systems (BAS), making enhanced data collection seamless.

All data in one place.

With the capability to collect and visualize interval data from a building’s main meters and BAS, and power data from optional equipment sub-meters, you can have access to all your mission critical data via one software platform.

Building interoperability.

Today, your buildings are typically siloed with non-standard data streams, which are a function of custom configurations and lack of ontology standardization across different pieces of equipment. Bractlet converts all your equipment into an interoperable data schema built on Brick that features standard data streams. This turns your buildings into true digital assets and will save you money with future equipment integrations.