Bractlet Intelligence Platform™

Bractlet’s tiered offerings provide owners and property teams the flexibility to select the product features and depth of analysis they need based on their investment strategy and budget.

Bractlet Benchmark™

The quickest and easiest way to get started with Bractlet, Benchmark collects, organizes and stores utility bill and weather data in a user-friendly format plus provides energy consumption benchmarks versus comparable buildings. It also enables the seamless storage and upload of EnergyStar, LEED, and GRESB data.

  • Utility and weather data collection,
    processing and storage for energy, water, waste
  • Energy efficiency benchmarks
  • Energy Star, LEED and GRESB data
    storage & upload


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Bractlet Analytics™

In addition to Benchmark features, Analytics provides real-time building performance analytics with comfort, equipment operation and energy consumption notifications, diagnostics and prescriptive actions.

  • IoT data trending from BAS, utility meter, and optional equipment power meters
  • Building and equipment level performance dashboards
  • Comfort, equipment operation, and energy consumption notifications and


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Bractlet Simulation™

Simulation includes all the functionality of Benchmark and Analytics, while offering the industry’s only true “digital energy twin” building simulation. It produces the most predictive building performance forecasts to aid in the identification, evaluation and implementation of building optimization and upgrade projects across portfolios.

  • Digital energy twin creation
  • Building performance analysis vs predictive baselines
  • Project identification and evaluation
  • Project implementation support including bidding and commissioning tools
  • Project performance verification


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