A more efficient built environment.

Leveraging cutting edge technology and data, our mission is to drastically reduce carbon emissions by driving positive economic outcomes.

Who we are.

Bractlet is a diverse team of engineers, software developers, data scientists, IoT experts, product managers, and finance experts developing cutting edge products that leverage simulation technology to change the way buildings are designed, operated, and maintained.

We believe that driving financial, operational, and energy efficiencies isn’t solved with technology alone, but rather with technology that unleashes the potential of the best engineers and captures the experience of industry veterans. Buildings are complex, unique ecosystems of people, structures, and equipment that are impacted by changing environmental conditions and ever-evolving economic trends.

Making sense of this complexity to uncover value and unlock inefficiencies at scale is no easy feat. At Bractlet we believe that combining diverse disciplines into a holistic solution will drive tangible economic value for building owners, create better work environments, and mitigate climate change.

Our Story.

Guided by the dream of making buildings more efficient, three friends from Georgia Tech (Alec, Brian, and Matt), set out to turn their vision into reality. In 2012, Bractlet’s founders packed their bags for Santiago, Chile to participate in a startup program that would serve as a jumping-off point for a journey that ultimately spanned four cities and two continents. After attempting to improve the energy efficiency on their college campus, they quickly determined these efforts were limited by the ability to collect the granular data necessary to truly understand a building’s operations. They thought there had to be a better way.

Bractlet was founded on the idea that making it easier to collect data from buildings was paramount to unlocking inefficiencies. Attempting to bring this idea to market revealed that just collecting and analyzing historical data wasn’t enough. Data streams tell different stories based on each building’s unique design and utilization. To have real value, data must be evaluated within this context. A new solution was required to tackle this challenge.

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With a growing team of software developers, building engineers, and energy modelers, Bractlet took antiquated and hard-to-use existing simulation technology and developed a scalable platform that powers its industry-leading energy management information system (EMIS) solution the Bractlet Intelligence Platform™. Bractlet’s platform brings significantly greater transparency to the built environment and provides tools to help building owners and their property teams make better investment decisions; streamline and improve the effectiveness of building optimization and upgrade projects; and ensure buildings sustain their performance over time.

Today, Bractlet’s Intelligence Platform is being utilized by leading operators nationwide. It has been installed across more than 35 million square feet of commercial office space and has analyzed more than 1,000 projects. While we are just getting started and numerous obstacles lie ahead, we know our team has the DNA, focus, and perseverance to continue to develop and iterate on high impact solutions for revolutionizing the built world.