Who We Help

From ownership all the way to a single tenant working in an office, Bractlet has something to offer everybody in every building.

Portfolio Managers

Maximize portfolio value with smarter, more successful investment decisions.

Greatly expand and standardize building performance and investment intelligence across your portfolio.

Manage investment risk in relation to evolving investment strategy across markets and individual properties.

Demonstrate good stewardship to investors through highly accurate reporting on investment decision-making and ROI.

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Asset Managers

Make the most impactful HVAC, lighting and building envelope investments for your buildings.

Evaluate a holistic view of all available projects for improving building performance, backed with data and expert analysis.

Uncover hidden value in buildings, from quick-payback optimizations of existing equipment and systems to minimizing costs for required modernizations.

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Property Managers

Streamline project approvals by making a clear business case for each expenditure, including predicted performance and ROI.

Streamline the bidding process by having detailed project specifications and cost estimates ahead of time.

Ensure “apples-to-apples” bid comparisons by having scopes that will achieve the desired results and the ability to scrutinize costs against other comparable projects.

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Building Engineers

Monitor systems on a daily basis, with greater detail than any other solution.

Speedup time to address operating issues with robust alerting and detailed diagnostic support.

Leverage Bractlet’s detailed data and predictive analytics to help decision-makers pursue the best project initiatives — not just the cheapest.

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Enjoy a more comfortable work environment.

Derive greater value from your lease.

Help achieve your corporate sustainability objectives.