Powerful Solutions

Put Bractlet to work maximizing performance and value in your properties.

Portfolio IQ

Portfolio IQ provides asset managers and portfolio managers a standardized dashboard through which to understand and evaluate building performance and specific investments within the context of an entire Bractlet-enabled portfolio.

It provides an integrated “apples to apples” view across any number of Bractlet-enabled buildings, including:

  • Building performance
  • Projected and actual project expenditures
  • Projected and actual project savings
  • Impact on capital plan and building value

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Investment Decision Lab

Our analysts work with your building’s Virtual Model to evaluate various opportunities to improve performance and save money.

  • We consider every possibility — including new, alternative or add-on projects. We will also evaluate any current or planned projects in your capital plan.
  • We experiment with different options, using the Intelligence Engine to simulate performance and savings outcomes.
  • We pinpoint projects with maximum ROI per your unique investment strategy.

Decision Lab reports outline which projects to prioritize, which projects should be changed or delayed, and which projects should be eliminated. It’s all entirely data-driven and based on forecasts you can trust.

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Project Support

As you implement projects recommended by the Investment Decision Lab, Bractlet analysts provide actionable intelligence and expert support to help ensure your success.

Planning and Bidding: Bractlet provides exact equipment and system specifications and recommended timeframes for the selected project. This saves time and money by reducing bidding inconsistencies and unnecessary scope.

Bid Review: Bractlet analysts use their experience and project pricing data from our growing roster of buildings to ensure you only spend for what you need at reasonable rates.

Commissioning: Monitoring and automated alerts ensure your project has been implemented properly and continues to perform over time consistent with the simulated performance of our Virtual Model — protecting your ROI and tenant satisfaction.

Project Savings Reviews: The Intelligence Engine continuously compares current project savings against Bractlet’s forecast. Where deviations occur, Bractlet provides expert diagnostics to identify any issues, and provides recommended corrective actions.

Monitoring & Alerts

The Bractlet Intelligence Engine continues monitoring building performance, energy consumption and cost savings — 24/7/365.

  • All key performance data is easily accessible via the online Building Dashboard, which also includes project savings details.
  • Alerts are triggered whenever current building data deviates from the ideal performance, and are sent via text and/or email alerts to the property team.
  • Full details on the issue, including diagnostics and corrective actions, are accessible via the Building Dashboard.

Fully shareable, detailed Building Reports are also available on demand.