Our Technology

The Bractlet Intelligence Engine is purpose-built to generate the most predictive and actionable insights available.


Ecosystem data collection

To fully understand, model and analyze a building ecosystem, Bractlet captures an unprecedented amount of both real-time and historical data, including:

  • Investment strategy and capital plan
  • Design and architectural documents
  • Building audit information
  • Occupancy rates
  • Utility bills and real-time electrical consumption data via Bractlet power meters
  • The full suite of Building Automation System (BAS) data that is generally inaccessible and unstructured, which is extracted and made usable with Bractlet’s proprietary technology
  • Additional key information from property team interviews

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Virtual modeling and simulation

Bractlet builds a unique Virtual Model of each customer building to provide us a baseline for a building’s performance as well as a tool to simulate the savings impact of potential investments.

Using our suite of proprietary technology, Bractlet can develop complex models 10 times faster than any other solution and captures building energy consumption with near 100% accuracy. Each model runs continuously, incorporating real-time weather and BAS data, and is updated over time to reflect changes to the building’s design, equipment and systems, occupancy and utilization.

Bractlet’s modeling and simulation capabilities are based on the most advanced whole-building simulation program in the world and is so complex that others in the field don’t (or can’t) use it. Only Bractlet has the expertise and hands-on experience to make the most of Energy Plus for our customers.

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Optimization project library

The Optimization Project Library includes an ever-growing database of tactics for improving building performance and reducing the amount of capital required for HVAC, lighting and building-related investments.

Far more than just a list of equipment, the Library includes design specs, equipment and labor pricing, and available rebates and tax incentives. It also contains proprietary BAS sequence of operations that can be tailored to optimize building performance based on the unique design and utilization of each building.

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