Electrician Install Procedures

​​First of all, thanks for being part of the Bractlet team. Please see below for introductory materials to Bractlet’s meter installation. You will find the Power Meter Installation Procedures, install forms (must be filled out for every meter installed), and a list of items you will need for the install. ​​Bractlet will always supply a hardware planning guide to indicate where the meters should be installed, size of CTs to be attached, and any necessary expansion boards. All meters require a 277V input/phase unless specifically noted otherwise.

Electric Install Diagram
Bractlet Wireless Submetering System

Bractlet Wireless Submetering System

This is the most important document you will read in the course of installing Bractlet's hardware. It contains the step-by-step overview of what any electrician would need to know in installing our products.

Power Meter Installation Form

Bractlet Power Meter Installation Form

This should be filled out for each installation. Please bring printed or digitally downloaded copies of this document filled out with every installed meter.

Bractlet Hardware Planning

Bractlet Hardware Planning

The hardware planning sheet indicates load specific details and where the load will tie in on the meter or expansion board. You can also find the location of the load down to the panel and where it is located in the building. Example PM#-1 and PM#-2 indicate power meter 1 and the first set of 3 phase slots on the power meter. PM#-EB11 and -EB12 refers to the first board slots 1 and 2 of 3 phase groupings, respectively.

Important Notes Before Meter Install

Important Information Before Meter Install

From the materials needed to the information you need to know, this is the document to fill in the blanks.