BAS Integration

We use a proprietary gateway device to hook into the BAS on site and pull data from it. This page will also help Property Managers & Building Engineers understand why we are integrating and what specifically we will be doing to their system, which should ease any concerns about the integration process. This page also addresses BAS Contractors, explaining what work will be required (if any) to get the system ready for integration. Our system does not control; it only reads information.

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Why we integrate.

Our models are based on data, BAS data is essential since it is the most thorough representation of building operation To take full advantage of our software features, having granular BAS data is key (alerting, notifications, analytics, etc.)

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How we integrate.

Short answer: Our gateway device connects to your BAS and sends requests to it for the present value of each point in the system in a big loop. It asks for one point, waits for a response, and then asks for the next point. The device has no ability to change any setpoints or control anything, it can just read the data. Longer answer: Our gateway uses BACnet/IP to send readProperty requests out to each point on the network. It waits for a response or a timeout before moving onto the next point. In systems with large point counts, the device uses readPropertyMultiple with the same strategy in order to request multiple points at a time. Before starting the trending process, we run a point discovery by sending a whoIe broadcast out to the network and gathering object lists from each device that our gateway can see. This gives the gateway all of the information it needs for the trending requests. The gateway defaults to using the standard BACnet port UDP 47808 (0xBAC0) for communication.

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What is needed from your teams.

From property team: The gateway needs to be installed by connecting it to the main BAS network switch using a CAT5 cable and plugging the power cable in. (We already have an email template for instructions) From the BAS contractor: Is the system already using BACnet/IP? If not, what protocol is it? What work needs to be done in order to convert to BACnet/IP? Can they provide a quote? We need to be assigned a static IP address on the BAS network so that we do not conflict with any of the devices. In some cases, we will need an exported points list from the system if the BACnet network points do not have detailed names. We can get this for ourselves provided a remote login to the system.

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How we work with BAS Contractors

How do we work with BAS contractors? Need to explain that this is a beneficial relationship for both parties. We are here to give them more work by convincing property teams to implement projects and use them for implementation work. If they help us now, we will send more work their way in the future. We can also help to identify any issues, such as busted sensors or points that don’t make sense.

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Supporting Documentation: Bractlet BAS Integration One-Pager

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Supporting Documentation: Gateway Install Instructions

Network Data Flow

Network Data Flow Diagram

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Network Architecture Diagram